Shame on me


Shame on me, I swear it is not your fault.

I gave you my heart and you said you'd cherish it, keep it safe with all the love and strength you have.
fight for it, even though I told you several times you can't.
you would love me, love me till the end.
Respect my mistakes and love me as if they weren’t there.
Shame on me.
You stepped on them.
I tried to pick up the pieces and glue them as if the splinters weren’t there.
Love makes you blind, that is what they said.
You were different, you are.
The words I keep telling myself trying to forget my feelings with a pen.
Those beautiful eyes that stare at me, that smile when a tear falls from my eye.
Yes, love does make you blind.
Step on it again, spit on it.
Crush it to the ground and just say sorry, cause you know that these are the words I accept over and over again.
I won’t.
I won’t
It is enough, I have realised that it is not only love that keeps you strong.
I realised that you were never mine.
You played with me.
You know me too well

I swear it is not your fault, shame on me.

you said you’d kiss my scars and make the pain fade away. who are we fooling? you never planned to stay and kiss anything fucking away.

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Reageer Via:
Ohhhh, wat kan jij mooi schrijven! Ja, liefde kan ook pijn doen!

Meld misbruik!
Je nooit schamen of iets verwijten. Overal leer je weer van... Uiteindelijk moet je voor je geluk niet afhankelijk zijn van een man, maar het in jezelf zoeken.
Mooi geschreven zeg! Wat men het beste gevoel ter wereld noemt, kan soms zo verschrikkelijk veel pijn doen. Liefs

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